Nothing but clouds & Its dark in my heart.
Tuesday, 6 September 2011 // 15:05

Sometimes the male mind infuriates the fuck outta me.  A guy i've known for years turns 21 at the end of this month. We've been 'Best Friends' for the past year and a half, yet I hate clubbing in London and that is how he wants to celebrate so i've said I'm not going. I said this on Thursday, it's now tuesday & he hasn't spoke to me since. He did however invite me to the event on facebook which finishes with  "If you dont come, you're not my friend.." I've stated that i'll see him the day before, after, or day of his birthday but no, that is not allowed. How can someone, 20, nearly 21 years of age, be so immature? If the situation was reversed, i'd be sad yeah, but I'd accept it and change my plans to fit or just accept it and see him another time.

The past few days my mother and i have been turning the bottom floor of the house upside down in preperation for me having the second living room to have the wii set up in and just as a lounge as it now has the corner sofa in! result! I lifted the piano and have never felt pain and discomfort like that before! Note to self: Use a crane next time! Anyway, I was suffering headaches and earaches over the weekend and I just guessed it was down to over-exertion. Yesterday I realised that my headaches and earaches were actually coming from the glands in my neck which seem to be swollen. I had something similar to this April of 2010 and it wasn't very nice at all! I'm hoping it isn't the same, but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully he'll give me some painkillers and antiinflamitarys and and and and and.

I start uni in three weeks ( i'm so excited!! ) and a week or so ago I applied for a job with the SU at my Uni but the local campus to home as I have to travel 40min to get to my campus! Turns out I've been given an interview so i'm very excited for that too!

Today I bought the first bits of my little 'home gym'. I bought a Gym ball with Pilates band, Sat on the ball and promptly fell off it, think I need a bit of practice. I also bought a 'Twist board' and Zumba for the wii. I'm excited to have fun exercise in aim to fit into a gorgeous FCUK dress my sister owns (and has never worn) for my 21st in February! I also went on a shopping spree and bought myself some new bits and bobs of makeup although i'm currently awaiting £188 worth of goodies i ordered from debenhams yesterday! woops!

I'm waiting to have my haircut sometime this week, the ends are horrific (as can be seen in above picture) but hopefully once their cut I can order some all blonde extensions and start wearing either those or the set i'm wearing above on a daily basis. I'm going to stay up for another hour and pick the winner of my giveaway over on ispentsometime! ciao!


A few snaps from August.
Friday, 12 August 2011 // 14:48

1/ Eastbourne pier. 2/ Bambino. 3/ My hair at its shortest #badtimes.


Tutorial #1
Saturday, 6 August 2011 // 15:47
This tutorial will show you how to create a simple but effective header. 
Difficulty: Beginners || Steps: 7 || Programs used: Microsoft Word 2007 (I think!)

Final Image :

Step 1 / You will need to find an image you want to use within the text. I have used this image i found on weheartit (Click the link in the header), Something you have to be aware of when using weheartit is that a lot of images lose their credit. this image doesn't have any credit on it and if it is your image please let me know so I can remove it. This is the actual size of the image, Word likes to fit the image exactly into your text so to avoid pixelation find a high resolution image or an image large enough to cover your text.

Step 2 / Using Word, Click on the 'insert' tab on the top ribbon, followed by the 'WordArt' button and choose the first preset (WordArt style 1)

Step 3 / Type your chosen text into the pop up box and chose whichever font and size you want. The font I have used is called 'Devil Breeze' and can be downloaded from DaFont along with a variety of other fonts.

Once you have pressed 'Ok', something similar to above should appear on your page.

Step 4 / Right click on the text and select 'Format WordArt', on the pop up window select 'Fill Effects' and then click the 'Picture' tab. Then click 'Select Picture' and browse your computer files for your chosen image. Tip : Saving your image to your desktop is the best place as its so easy to find.

Tip : If you do not want a boarder around your text, where it says 'Line' and then 'Color' and the box is selected black, click this and select none. You should then have something similar to this on the page.

If wanted, you could finish there and have a simple detailed header like above, if you want to add a bit of decoration then continue the steps

Step 5 / Click the 'insert' tab on the top ribbon followed by the 'Shapes' button and chose whichever shape you want. For this tutorial I chose stars! Then place them on your image wherever you want. They should go anywhere over the text so you will have a lot of flexibility with placement.

 Step 6 / Do the same as the text, Right click and go to 'Format WordArt' then Fill Effects > Picture > Select Picture and select either the same or a similar or contrasting image to fill in the stars. This diagram shows the line fill as mentioned above


 With a little bit more decoration and placement you could achieve something similar to below.

Step 7 / Print screen the word doccument using the 'Prnt Scrn' key located near the backspace key , paste into something like microsoft paint, crop the canvas to fit the image and save your header!

Has this been helpful? What do you think of this tutorial? Leave a comment on this post or in the comment box in the right-hand column


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